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  • Pele's Spicy body oil is inspired by the Hawaiian goddess Pele, who is known as the creator of the Hawaiian islands and the goddess of volcanoes and fire. Pele is a powerful and passionate deity associated with transformation and intense energy.


    The inspiration behind Pele's Spicy body oil comes from the desire to capture the essence of Pele's fiery and passionate nature. The blend of floral and spicy scents in the oil is meant to ignite passion, excitement, and a sense of adventure. It aims to create a connection to the energy of Pele and evoke the feeling of being in the presence of a volcanic eruption, where intense emotions and desires are awakened.


    By infusing the body oil with the essence of Pele, we hope to bring a touch of her vibrant energy into the lives of those who use it. It is a way to honor the beauty and power of nature and to embrace the transformative qualities that Pele represents. This floral, spicy blend will stimulate a connection of love, romance and passion in divine men and women.

    Pele's Spicy body oil

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    Pele's Spicy oil
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    • All organic

      Lokelani Rose essential oil

      Neroli essential oil

      Myrrh essential oil

      Geranium essential oil

      Cinnamon essential oil

      Clove essential oil

      Patchouli essential oil

      Jasmine essential oil

      Ylang Ylang essential oil

      Vanilla essential oil

      Cedarwood essential oil

      Clary Sage essential oil

      Macadamia oil

      Jojoba oil

      Hemp seed oil (Does not contain CBD or THC)

      Sweet almond oil

      Calendula flowers

      Lavender flowers

      Rose flowers

      Frankincense resin. 


      • CRUELTY FREE  
      • PEG FREE
    • After bath, massage a few drops into wet skin to seal in moisture and to invigorate your senses. Use as a body massage or use with your special someone for absolute enchance pleasure.

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