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Welcome to Lokelani Essentials


“Lokelani” is the Hawaiian word for a very special rose, that around the world, it is known as "Damask or Damascena" from the Rosaceae family. This rose has been used by humanity for centuries due to its multifold therapeutic properties. The blooming floral fragrance brings feelings of love with its power to nourishes each system of the body.  Its qualities are antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, immune boosting, respiratory, pain relieving, memory enhancing, circulatory (tonic to the heart and toning to the capillaries), digestive, and detoxifying to the liver. Consciously transforming your self-care routine and also uplifting to the spirit. 

All our products contain Lokelani Rose essential oil,  and by incorporating it to your daily skin care routine, it will promote regenerative levels of moisture, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, upholding a healthy looking and uniform skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines,  while fighting bacteria.


Tucked into the foothills of Haiku on Maui, we are a woman-owned and run skincare company. Lokelani began as a mother seeking to provide chemical-free skin care for two wild boys. With a healing salve that healed her children and astounded friends and neighbors, the floodgates of creation were opened. 

Dedicated to creating high-quality, natural, and life-changing skin care formulas from the comfort of our own garden. We curate 100% clean, organic, and chemical-free products. The essential oils that we distill are formulated with your elevated life in mind. Utilizing unique and potent carrier oils, herbs, and flowers, we curate our blends to nourish and heal the skin and mind alike. Many of our products boast an array of healing properties, such as high vitamin C, Omegas, Fatty acids alongside the ones already present in the rose.

At Lokelani Essentials we prioritize growing as many of our ingredients as we can. To ensure the highest quality and vibrational output, we support our plant's health and production by growing them in “Agri-floristry” and Syntropic farming methods. Similar to agriforestry, the flowers and herbs grow in proximity and synergy with each other, infusing the relations and benefits of the plants to one another from seedling to bottle. 


At the height of the full moon, we gather blossoms and full leaves of herbs that surround us. We come to them at the peak of their potency, which allow us to distill rich and organic medicine to our skincare products, not to mention the otherworldly fragrances we are known for. This careful attention to the ebb and flow of the natural world is key to the magic that finds its way into all of the blends crafted in our Hale.


Lokelani Essentials creates medicine for all types of skin conditions, ailments and more. From dehydration to eczema to a wandering or troubled mind. There is a Lokelani blend, awaiting to nourish you!


 We hope you can benefit from all of our essential oil blends and feel the magic of Mother Nature on your skin!


Lokelani Essentials


Po Box 1182 
Haiku, HI 96708

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